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Good internet sources

good internet sources

Hey, I'm still a beginner and try to improve my skills but I don't know where to find reliable sources to get more knowledge. I already. There's lots of good information on the Internet, but you will also find opinions, Content that is likely to be challenged should contain multiple sources of. Unlike similar information found in newspapers or television broadcasts, information available on the Internet is not regulated for quality or accuracy; therefore. In short, you have to sift and make decisions all the time, and you want to make responsible choices that you won't regret. The problem with that is you miss out on accidentally stumbling upon a book or magazine that might just be the perfect source for your research paper. With the proliferation of peer-reviewed journals, it may be that erroneous or poorly conducted research sometimes gets published. Additionally, these studies often repeat the tests many times using randomization of specific aspects of the experimental design, which helps reduce the likelihood that the results were due to chance or unknown factors. The site has a variety of features that help you narrow down your search. good internet sources Cosmic Map Reveals a Not-So-Lumpy Universe 2 hours ago — Davide Castelvecchi and abgelaufener personalausweis casino magazine. So blogs may be of equal or higher quality than many paper publications. Is it an individual or an agency? How do you know? Is the language free of emotion-rousing words and bias? For instance, you can ask for the paper on twitter using the hashtag icanhazpdfask for it on friendfeedemail the author all three adventskalender bayernlos these methods ultimately result in one person e-mailing the paper to one other person, thus not violating copyright of the paper asking them for it respectfully, or go to the nearest university library.

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How to evaluate internet sources If it is an institution, have you heard of it before? You may be able to gain understanding of a product and be able to compare products using these sites, but any claims should be highly suspect. Involve students in evaluating websites or comparing the content found in two or more websites. Does the author's affiliation with an institution or organization appear to bias the information? Purpose Knowing the motive behind the page's creation can help you judge its content. Is there an indication of when the site was last updated?

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Medical Medline Plus Easy-to-read guides and videos; not as technical as other medical search engines; managed by the National Institutes of Health, Humanities JURN A curated search engine for humanities researchers. Another reason why Wikipedia should not be cited in an academic research paper is that it aims to be like an encyclopedia—a source of reference information, not scholarly research or primary or secondary sources. They help people with a lot of things shopping, searching for flights, comparing restaurants. If it is an institution, have you heard of it before? Use Wikipedia as a starting point for your research. May 12, at 7: Is Dark Matter Made of Black Holes? It is often difficult to determine authorship of Web sources, and even if the author is listed, he or she may not always represent him or herself honestly, or he or she may represent opinions as fact. Is this information worth the effort? What do they sell? In other words, look at the links that are used by the web developer of your site. While scientific papers may be filled with difficult to understand jargon, anyone can scan them and get the gist pdf ; just skip the confusing words or look them up. It's been called an art as well as work—much of which is detective work.

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